Seth Roberts Memorial Talks

Ancestral Health Society will have a series of public talks honoring Seth’s life and work will be held at UC Berkeley on August 10th, 9am – 1pm. Registration will be open to the public on June 20th. Please register at

7 Responses to “Seth Roberts Memorial Talks”

  1. Joe Says:

    Does anyone know why there has been no obituary for Seth in The Daily Californian, the UC Berkeley newspaper?

  2. peter Says:

    readers of this blog should find a way to continue Seth’s work by contributing interesting articles and self-reporting. the problem is finding someone to sort thru all the submissions. any thoughts?

  3. Joe Says:

    Peter, I’d like to see it, too, but I have no idea how that could actually be done.

  4. peter Says:

    seth’s family controls the web site; so we’d have to start with them (after an appropriate period of time); then perhaps a like-minded colleague at Berkeley. Alternatively current readers, although it’s not clear if anyone is qualified to sift thru the articles. Also, there would have to be one person in charge (if everyone is in charge, then no one is charge).

  5. Alex Chernavsky Says:

    Alex Blackwood started a Google+ Community for people who are interested in continuing Seth’s work.

  6. Amy Rogers Says:

    Hi all, I appreciate all the interest in continuing Seth’s work. I want to help where I can. I do need to make a decision what to do with this site and the forum. I am open to all suggestions what you want to see happen to them.

    Please send your suggestions to If you wish to debate an idea with others, please take it to the Seth Roberts Community on Google+ or, for non-Google users, start a topic in the forum under “Self-Experimentation > General.” I’ll be listening.

    @joe An obituary was placed only in one major newspaper, San Francisco Chronicle.


  7. Geraldine Says:

    I am stunned to read of Seth’s passing, just found out about it this morning when someone left a comment on my book review of the Shangri La Diet. My sincere condolences to all of Seth’s family and friends.

    He was a unique individual and a very caring, giving person, from what I knew. We corresponded by email for a few months when I read, used and wrote about the Shangri La diet, several years ago. This makes me so sad…may he RIP.