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Thanks to Casey Manion and Bryan Castañeda.

5 Responses to “Assorted Links”

  1. Alex Chernavsky Says:

    The story of the diving coach reminds me of the ridiculous swimming tests that some colleges still require of undergraduates:

  2. Alrenous Says:

    Yeah, we should care, but rephrase. “Real diploma-holders can’t make top diving coach.” This is not the first time I’ve noticed that a conventional diploma looks like a handicap.

    Instead of putting the lump of butter on the toast, put it on the knife, and then use the toast’s natural roughness to rasp off layers of butter. Especially effective, in comparison, if your butter is cold. If instead it’s warm, the amount can be controlled by carefully angling the knife. It scatters crumbs, but doesn’t toast tend to do that anyway?

  3. garymar Says:

    “The bacon-lover rode ‘shot-bun’ in the Wienermobile through her hometown”.


  4. Robbo Says:

    The coach is not at fault because he didn’t try to deceive. The hiring manager is being pragmatic rather than following the rule of his institution. The rule is wrong, and the harm is that the school is making conditions in its advertising that it does not actually follow – a low level of lack of integrity – and thereby is depriving itself of the potential services of even better coaches who lack a degree and who took the school at its word that a degree was required. I’m not affected, I don’t care much, but others should care a little.

  5. Ed O'Brien Says:

    interesting link on how women’s immune systems last longer, which is why they live longer: