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Thanks to Tucker Goodrich and Allan Jackson.

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  1. Darrin Thompson Says:

    That cooling apparatus is really interesting. Will sports governing bodies ban it? Is it really as amazing as the authors say? Is there (dun dun dun) danger?

    The part at the end where the authors disclose their financial interest really dampened the magic for me. :-)

    Seth: I saw it as putting your money where your mouth is.

  2. dearieme Says:

    Cooling hands isn’t new: my father taught me it in the 50s. I was to put my hands, palm upwards, under the cold water tap so that the water ran down from my wrists across my palms. It worked a treat.

  3. dearieme Says:

    I should add that however hot I was, and however hot the day was, the cold water came from high moorland and was always cool.

  4. John Speno Says:

    When I read about the NZ twins, I assumed they meant they had FH (Familial hypercholesterolemia).

    Seth: Yes, maybe so.

  5. Sade Says:

    You do know that inherited high cholesterol is a thing, right?

  6. garymar Says:

    Seth, this blog is a goldmine of aggregated blog links. I clicked thru and read 3 out of 4 items.

  7. garymar Says:

    Make that 4 out of 4.

  8. Elizabeth Molin Says:

    Re home energy use, here is the kind of thing I obsess about: you can line a baking sheet with foil before use, and it won’t need washing. But then the foil is dirty and can’t be recycled. Washing the baking sheet requires (heated) water and soap. Which is more energy-efficient? Which is more environmentally sound? Which is cheaper?
    (Sometimes you can slip the dirty baking sheet into a “full” dishwasher, which you have to run anyway. And dishwashers are more energy-efficient and cost-effective than washing by hand. I think.)
    I have never seen any comparisons of this kind of thing and wish someone would do one; I can’t, as I don’t have the expertise. How much does it cost to produce, package, ship, and advertise a foot and a half of foil? How do you figure this out?

  9. Alexey Says:

    >How much does it cost to produce, package, ship, and advertise a foot and a half of foil? How do you figure this out?

    75 sq.ft of AL foil is about $2.50 in a grocery store. 1.5 sq.ft are 5 cents. That of course includes all the costs to produce, package, ship and advertise.

    Washing the baking sheet in the dishwasher ~= free if washed with other stuff. Does not happen that often.

    Washing the baking sheet manually = cost of water and detergent + time spend. Water is $1.5/1000 gallons -> negligible, detergent = ~1 cent, time = about a minute of vigorous scrubbing. So if you’re getting paid more than $3/hour or getting more than $3/hour worth of entertainment by not doing the washing, then washing the baking sheet manually may not make sense. 😉

  10. Elizabeth Molin Says:

    Thanks, Alexey! One less thing to obsess about. I do feel kind of DUH now that I see how simple it is…