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Thanks to Dave Lull.

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  1. Txomin Says:

    Since I came to the conclusion that pedophilia is a sexual orientation (and therefore incurable), I’ve suspected that most pedophiles never act on it. Celibacy is hard regardless of sexual orientation but it is also not an impossible to do. Far from it.

    The virped site says that most pedophiles are males. This could be true. However, I have come across more female pedophiles than males on a ratio of almost 10 to 1.

    Anyway, it is difficult to argue this sort of initiative (website, etc) is anything but positive. Good on you for posting this, Seth.

  2. Alex Chernavsky Says:

    Here’s another interesting article:

    An Immune Disorder at the Root of Autism

  3. Andrew Says:

    Seth, thought you would find this interesting: