Assorted Links

Thanks to Tucker Max.

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  1. Darrin Thompson Says:

    Anyone know _which_ plants contain inositol hexaphosphate?

    And also, a little googling pulled up this: Is IP(6) closely related to phytic acid? Phytic acid is supposedly one of the big problem chemicals in grains.

    My brane asplode.

  2. Tomas Says:

    it IS phytic acid. I guess the effect on cancer are due to its iron chelating capabilities. It also binds other minerals.
    Why not just avoid iron then, which makes more sense.
    The supposed cancer-fighting capabilities are the main argument of the proponents of whole grains – I think this article puts the whole topic into perspective

  3. Nancy Lebovitz Says:

    Mirepoix is a surprisingly high umami food– it’s just two parts onion, 1 part carrot, 1 part celery, chopped up and pan-fried at a low to moderate heat. It’s much more savory than its components.