How to Beat the Heat: Wet T-Shirt Edition

It has gotten hot in Beijing. Two days ago it was 90 degrees. Yesterday it was 84. For my (2 or 3) Beijing readers: I discovered an incredibly easy way to cool off. Take a T-shirt, get it as wet as desired, put it on. Instant cool. No need for noisy fan or air conditioner. Surely this is widely known, but I didn’t know it.

5 Responses to “How to Beat the Heat: Wet T-Shirt Edition”

  1. aelephant Says:

    Extra points if you are an attractive co-ed.

  2. Elizabeth Molin Says:

    A friend told me years ago that in the pre-airconditioned South, on hot nights one went to bed in a wet bathing suit, the thicker the better, in order to be able to sleep.

  3. Greg Says:

    I visited Mexico in the summer and stayed in a hotel with nothing but cold brackish water on tap. I discovered that cold showers are wonderful in the heat and can keep you comfortable for a few hours.

  4. me Says:

    Wouldn’t this only work in dry environments?

    Seth: Well, Beijing is dry.

  5. dearieme Says:

    But you must have known that standing in wet clothes on a cold day gets you very cold indeed?

    Seth: That has never happened to me. But, as you say, I could have passed a multiple-choice test about it.