Assorted Links

Thanks to Aaron Blaisdell, Alex Chernavsky and Navanit Arakeri.

4 Responses to “Assorted Links”

  1. Dennis Mangan Says:

    Not quite personal or amateur science, but according to the second linked item on alcohol and longevity in worms, the lead researcher did the work as an undergrad.

  2. Seth Roberts Says:

    the lead researcher did the work as an undergrad

    Interesting point. Maybe undergrads can do more risky research.

  3. Alex Chernavsky Says:

    @Dennis, I remember seeing a paper on neuroanatomy that was authored by five people — the principal investigator and four high school students who had done a summer internship. It was a decent paper.

  4. vimspot Says:

    Does the Spanish study have any real implications for the United States where people don’t tend to fry food in Olive Oil, and don’t tend to eat a Mediterranean diet more generally?