Assorted Links

Thanks to Alex Chernavsky and Casey Manion.

2 Responses to “Assorted Links”

  1. TMS71 Says:

    What opinions in the article about scientific fraud do you disagree with?

  2. Seth Roberts Says:

    Here are two opinions I disagree with in the “mass scientific fraud” article:

    1. “There is now enough evidence to say what many have long thought: that any claim coming from an observational study is most likely to be wrong – wrong in the sense that it will not replicate if tested rigorously.” I disagree. I think epidemiology has taught us a lot of useful stuff. For example, that heavy smoking causes lung cancer, that folate deficiency causes birth defects. It’s true that epidemiologists persistently overstate the strength of their evidence but that doesn’t mean their evidence isn’t worth anything. To say “any claim” is “most likely to be wrong” is black-and-white thinking, not to mention a vast overstatement.

    2. “Science, at its most basic, is the effort to prove new ideas wrong.” Science is also, at its most basic, about coming up with new ideas worth testing. That isn’t easy.