New Word: crapeterian

At Christmas dinner I learned a new word:

crapeterian. n. A vegetarian who eats crap (e.g., Doritos, candy, doughnuts).

6 Responses to “New Word: crapeterian

  1. Analog Eye Says:

    In fairness, that should be ANYBODY who eats that kind of thing… hehehe

  2. dearieme Says:

    Do profiteroles count?

  3. Bill Strahan Says:

    Funny, I always called them vegetardians. :)

  4. Adam Says:

    There’s nothing quite like an obese vegetarian / vegan lecturing you about nutrition.

  5. Ian Says:

    Why this is an awesome word: “vegetarian” looks like it should mean one who eats vegetables, rather than one who doesn’t eat meat, while in fact many non-meat-eaters eat far more crap than vegetables.

    This explanation may be unnecessary for most, but I had to think about it for a few minutes before I really got it.

  6. Seth Roberts Says:

    I agree. I would like to hear someone say: “You know, the usual word for what I am is vegetarian. But I prefer to call myself a crapeterian.”