Morning Faces Therapy Page

If you want to find out about using morning faces to improve your mood, go to this page, to which I will be slowly adding links. If you have suggestions about what to include, please leave a comment or email me. The page is meant to be an easy way to learn more.

4 Responses to “Morning Faces Therapy Page”

  1. Tom Says:

    As the URL indicates, the animation is indeed a bit creepy (not to mention slow to load), but it works as a morning face on a reasonably large computer display.

  2. Jazi yechezkel zilber Says:

    A very important resource would be links to where one can with a click get lots of faces time. There is one…….

    The doing in practice is the main barrier for most

  3. Seth Roberts Says:

    Jazi, okay I will add more. Now there are two…

  4. Jazi yechezkel zilber Says:

    Thanks. Frankly, i wanted to try it. But the idea of searching for sources blocked me (irrationally)

    There are also posts of you with parameters. I.e. Distance, screen size, option for mirror etc.

    I know about these, but the average reader will not know without a direct link….

    Thanks again