Chinese News

The media in China are government-controlled. There is a 30-minute newscast every day at 7:00 pm. A friend described it to me like this:

First 10 minutes: Government officials doing their jobs.

Middle 10 minutes: Chinese people being happy. Sports, food, achievements.

Final 10 minutes: People in other countries suffering.

5 Responses to “Chinese News”

  1. Joseph Dantes Says:

    I lol’ed

  2. blinded1 Says:

    Why am I not surprised? I guess anyone can become a China expert and begin to write about that country after heard someone saying something, or read a article. Actually, this is exactly many reporters, commentators are doing.

  3. UncleLongHair Says:

    This is in contrast to the US media news reports:

    First 10 minutes: murders, rapes, fires, political scandals, regional weather that could turn dangerous, schools losing their funding, increasing homeless populations, teens doing too many drugs.

    Next 10 minutes: unsolved and unsolvable political problems, graphic coverage of overseas wars, stock market declines, high oil prices, a little old lady who was kicked out of her house due to foreclosure.

    Final: a few football and basketball scores.

    It’s no surprise that hypertension and depression are on the rise in the US.

  4. Gunnar Says:

    People still watch mainstream news?

    Here in Germany it’s similar to how UncleLongHair describes it. Pretty much for the same reasons. To frighten the people is one of them.

  5. Seth Roberts Says:

    It is like what I say about climate models: the supporters (unwittingly) make the best arguments against. This newscast could contain whatever the government wants.