Law Schools Deceiving Students

In an article about how law schools deceive prospective students, one way astonished me. Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego reported that 92% of their graduates are employed 9 months after graduation. That 92% included the 25% of the students they couldn’t locate. Which is in accord with the guidelines, said the associate dean of student affairs.

3 Responses to “Law Schools Deceiving Students”

  1. Allen K. Says:

    That didn’t shock me as much as the “since employment is going to be measured on Feb 15, let’s offer them temp jobs for the month of February” gambit. What a scummy pyramid scheme.

  2. dearieme Says:

    “92% of their graduates are employed ” might also means that 8% of their graduates, when tracked down and oferred six week jobs to cover the period of the study, declined them.

  3. Mike Says:

    I love how one of the Google ad links on the right is for…. Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

    Automation at its finest