Pork Belly News

I am a big fan of pork belly. Whenever I see it on a menu I order it. The mayor of Chongqing (population 32 million) recently made headlines with a speech whose main point was


Which means: Better living standards is not just eating hong shao rou wearing beautiful clothes. Hong shao rou is pork belly braised in a red sauce. Maybe my favorite Chinese dish. Supposedly Chairman Mao’s favorite dish. I’m glad he said “not just” rather than “not”.

6 Responses to “Pork Belly News”

  1. G Says:

    Char siu = candidate for ‘best and easiest meal ever’.

  2. vic Says:

    Seth, you’ve often said pork belly fat improved your sleep. Does it also affect your dreaming? In general, do you find your quality of sleep is related to dreaming? just curious…

  3. dearieme Says:

    Roast pork and crackling is a British favourite – do you eat it in the USA?

  4. Pieter Says:

    Population Chongqing more than twice the population of Shanghai? Sure.

    That said, hong shao rou is sooo good, albeit a heart attack waiting to happen.

  5. Seth Roberts Says:

    dearieme, roast pork, yes, crackling, no. I suppose the popular american food with the most animal fat is hamburger. Or spareribs.

    vic, I haven’t noticed an effect on dreaming, no.

  6. j Says:

    Chongqing, while a “city”, is the size of South Carolina.