Unlikely Data

Connoisseurs of scientific fraud may enjoy David Grann’s terrific article about an art authenticator in the current New Yorker and this post about polling irregularities. What are the odds that two such articles would appear at almost the same time?

I suppose I’m an expert, having published several papers about data that was too unlikely. With Saul Sternberg and Kenneth Carpenter, I’ve written about problems with Ranjit Chandra’s work. I also wrote about problems with some learning experiments.

2 Responses to “Unlikely Data”

  1. Tom Says:

    Seth, speaking of unlikely data, you will love this post by an web designer-cum-statistics buff. She spent two months crunching the raw data behind the China Study, and there is not much left of T. Colin Campbell:


  2. Alex Chernavsky Says:

    Tom, that’s a very interesting blog post that you referenced. The author is largely self-taught when it comes to statistics. I’d like to see a second opinion from a professional. Seth? Andrew Gelman? Any interest in examining this?