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  • “ant tribes” near Beijing
  • What exactly is umami?
  • Is omega-3 an antidepressant?  “Initial analyses failed to clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of Omega-3 for all patients taking part in the study. Other analyses, however, revealed that Omega-3 improved depression symptoms in patients diagnosed with depression unaccompanied by an anxiety disorder.” Are they fooling themselves? Maybe not. My research suggests that morning faces can reduce only depression but also anxiety disorders. So if you have depression without an anxiety disorder it may indeed have a different cause.

Thanks to Anne Weiss.

8 Responses to “Assorted Links”

  1. Steve Says:

    Huh? Are we talking about the fatty acids here? And what on earth is a morning face?

  2. seth Says:

    Yes, omega-3 fatty acids. The beginning of my research on morning faces is described here, see Example 2. Later not-yet-published research suggested that morning faces reduce anxiety disorders.

  3. lance Says:

    So do people with children and spouses or roommates they see every morning get anxiety disorders?

  4. seth Says:

    lance, to get the benefits of morning faces you need to have a conversation, on the order of 30 minutes. Not everyone with a spouse or roommate or child talks to them that much in the morning.

  5. Nansen Says:

    “… morning faces cure not only depression …”

    I think “greatly reduce” would be more accurate than “cure”, with all due respect.

  6. seth Says:

    yes, by “cure” I meant greatly reduce. I have changed it.

  7. Laura Says:

    I decided not to change my work schedule, since I start at 630 am, so I can continue to try this “morning faces” idea. I was going to change my schedule to work late nights, but these last posts convinced me not to do it. I also think behavior activation works, too!! And also being aware.

  8. q Says:

    why not write a ‘morning faces’ app for the iPad?