The Monster Is Asleep

This old comment made me laugh me when I reread it recently:

It was slightly embarrassing when friends would ask how long I had been on [the Shangri-La Diet]. I lied and said a day – it had only been eight hours but, hey, without SLD, I normally would have done a great deal of damage in those 8 hours. It’s now been a week and I’ve lost three pounds. I love the luxury of choosing finer foods now that I’m no longer compelled to eat everything in sight when dinnertime comes around. The Monster has been rocked to sleep

2 Responses to “The Monster Is Asleep”

  1. Diet Dude Says:

    Damn! I just typed a whole long comment and then the screen went funny when I hit the submit button. Is it in moderation or do i have to type it all out again?

  2. seth Says:

    sorry, you have to type it all out again.