Infectious Disease Specialist Ignores the Immune System

A new book called Rising Plague by Brad Spellberg, a UCLA professor of medicine specializing in infectious disease, at County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, is about the increase in drug-resistant bacteria. From an article about the not-yet-published book:

In the United States, more than 300,000 people die each year from infectious diseases such as influenza and pneumonia, often caused by drug-resistant bacteria.

“The scary thing is that many of these were healthy, young individuals,” said Robert Guidos, vice president of public policy and government relations for the Infectious Disease Society of America. “There are very few drugs, if any, to treat these bacteria, and there are almost none in the pipeline.”

I believe it is very likely that these “healthy” young people weren’t eating enough fermented food and thus had poorly-functioning immune systems. The article continues:

[Spellberg], however, argues in his book that drug companies are not solely responsible. Blame for the decline in antibiotics should also not be aimed at physicians for over-prescribing these drugs, nor hospitals for lacking sufficient standards in cleanliness or drug distribution.

“This problem is complex enough that it is not accurate and not helpful to blame any one group,” Spellberg said. “What we need to do is focus on solutions.”

Public awareness will go far in spurring change, he argues. Ultimately, legislators, drug companies, hospitals and doctors will have to devise a way to spur more production of new antibiotics, which become obsolete as bacteria change to survive.

Will have to“. As if there is no other alternative. The possibility of strengthening the immune system is not considered. Just as UC Berkeley epidemiology professors (along with the rest of their profession) ignore the immune system, here is a doctor ignoring it. Here is a longer statement by Spellberg that ignores the immune system. He’s a specialist in infectious disease. He’s repeating the conventional wisdom of his profession. UCLA is a top-ranked medical school. This is mental blindness on a massive scale with awful consequences.

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  1. Gerry Says:

    Dr. Art Ayers has an interesting post on his blog tonight about a Cure for Inflammatory Diseases. I may need to read the post several more times to really understand it but thought you might be interested.

  2. Nathan Myers Says:

    I hesitate to pass this on from fear that you will take it as confirmation for some crackpot theory. Anyway:

  3. Nathan Myers Says:

    I’d like to emphasize that I meant “crackpot” in the most affectionate possible way.

  4. Seth’s blog » Blog Archive » Does H. Pylori Cause Stomach Ulcers? Says:

    […] More. What goes unsaid, and maybe unnoticed, in the debate about health care, is that it is hard to have decent health care (that is, decent health) when those in charge don’t know what they’re doing. The stomach-ulcer-etiology problem is a small example of a big thing. In case I’m not being blunt enough, let me be even more blunt: This example illustrates that the average doctor, the average med school professor, and at least two Nobel-Prize-winning med school professors (not to mention those who award Nobel Prizes) are unable to correctly interpret simple facts. My previous example of the infectious-disease expert (a med school professor) who overlooked the immune system is yet another example of astonishing cluelessness. It’s hard to get good health care from people whose understanding of health is terribly incomplete yet don’t realize this. […]

  5. Seth’s blog » Blog Archive » Who is “Totally Healthy”? Says:

    […] Totally healthy. This is the bigger delusion: That the average American who appears healthy is healthy. I believe that practically all Americans have grossly-impaired immunity. Their immune systems work much worse than they could. The poor performance is due to suboptimal sleep and far too little bacteria in their diet. The football player was near death because he had two infections. That’s how poorly his immune system was working. And a very high CDC official called him “totally healthy”! Apparently she has no idea that people’s immune systems can vary in how well they work. This is even worse than the UCLA medical school prof specializing in infectious disease who also failed to understand this. Schuchat is one of the top public health officials in America! Public health is about prevention! […]