Shaved Head, Good Coffee, and the Shangri-La Diet

How are they similar? Kenneth Anderson at The Volokh Conspiracy writes:

I have shaved my head completely, as I have discovered from long experience that even if it doesn’t help me discover my spiritual side, it weirdly helps me concentrate. I highly recommend it. I have much coffee, good stuff from Antigua Guatemala. Yerba mate from Paraguay. I have my extralight olive oil re the Seth Roberts diet – to which, although I realize I’m just bragging here – I sincerely credit the loss of 25 pounds [emphasis added] and a wholly unmedicated cholesterol score last week of 128 total and 66 good (!).

All three help you concentrate. (SLD helps you not be distracted by hunger.)

3 Responses to “Shaved Head, Good Coffee, and the Shangri-La Diet”

  1. Dennis Mangan Says:

    Unfortunately, Mr. Anderson isn’t quite up to speed on what constitutes a healthy cholesterol level. His is in the range of increased mortality. Low cholesterol kills:

  2. Andrew Gelman Says:

    But . . . being “distracted by hunger” is one of the great joys in life!

  3. seth Says:

    Everything in moderation.