Fermented Art, Beijing Style

From Time Out Beijing:

Veteran Beijing artist Gu Dexin . . . first turned European noses at a satellite show of the Venice Biennale in 1995, when he dumped three hundred kilos of raw beef into three glass coffins set in a local casino.

In the heat of summer, poisonous gases from the rotting meat quickly forced officials to clean up the show. This shy enfant terrible of the art world went on to astound European audiences in a succession of shows, placing raw meat or fruit in public places and letting them rot.

Up until this year, when he installed raw pork at the Legation Quarter, the formula has served him brilliantly. Part of the force of this current show is the absence of decay – resulting in a sterile and odourless silence.

3 Responses to “Fermented Art, Beijing Style”

  1. Tom in TX Says:

    Not fermented. Just rotten.

  2. david Says:

    Ok, that gives me an idea for an “installation”: how about a cannister of compressed methane gathered from bovine sources that slowly releases its contents for all to smell. I’ll call it “Fart Art”

  3. Aaron Blaisdell Says:

    @David, or you could call it Fumigating (or Fermenting) Art or FArt for short. I think F’Art is catchy.