Why Did I Sleep So Well? directory

  1. Initial observation, 9 possible causes
  2. Another possible cause: standing on one foot
  3. Sleep almost great, narrowing possible causes to two.
  4. Sleep great again, narrowing possible causes to two
  5. Sleep great again after only standing on one foot
  6. Someone else gets similar results
  7. Technical details
  8. How long I stand
  9. Eerie coincidence
  10. Patterns of discovery
  11. Comparison to other sorts of exercise
  12. What’s a good dose?
  13. How much I’ve been standing Comparison with conventional exercise.
  14. Two more people get similar results
  15. How long I stand (continued)
  16. Replication details
  17. The amount of time needed stops increasing

11 Responses to “Why Did I Sleep So Well? directory”

  1. Timothy Beneke Says:

    Fascinating. I’ve found in the past that helping friends move always led to the best, most relaxing sleep in which I felt my body “letting go” of tension in a deep way. It seemed to be caused by picking up and carrying moderately heavy boxes significant distances and put them down. I was using muscles I don’t use, at least not that much.

    I just did about 6 minutes of standing on each foot, alternating until it became very difficult; I used it as a chance to meditate which I do a lot of anyway lately. I had my head slightly down hands in together on my chest as is done in walking meditation, and I kept my eyes fixed and followed my breath as I do when I normally meditate; as I get lost in my thoughts I gently pull myself back to attending to my breath…

    I did notice some soreness in my hips and knees, so I changed feet when it got unpleasant…

    I’ll do it again tonight and see what happened.

  2. Timothy Beneke Says:

    One more comment; I just tried standing on one foot with both arms out — more bang, or muscle usage, for your buck. My arms had to come down before my leg did. Then I switched legs and put my arms out again. I feel stronger relaxation then when just doing it on one leg.

    This is interesting!

  3. seth Says:

    That’s a good idea, Tim. When I stand on one leg I’m pulling up the other leg behind me so I am using the muscles of one arm.

  4. Darkhorse Says:

    Seth, this is so great! I have been doing this most days for about a week. I can do it longer when wearing shoes than when barefoot. It also forces people like me, who usually hit the floor running, to find a few minutes for much needed centering and contemplation. I’m assuming that it is best done in the morning to affect sleep that night? Can’t you just see all of us in other time zones standing on one leg while you are sleeping deeply? Now, if I could just tuck my head under my armpit…

  5. seth Says:

    Thanks, Darkhorse. I don’t think the time of day matters much (but I’m just guessing, I haven’t studied this). I’ve been doing two bouts in the morning and 2 later in the day. As you say it’s something to actually look forward to, there’s something pleasant about it.

  6. Mike Kenny Says:

    i’ve tried standing on one foot, for about two days, and it seems i was markedly more anxious the next day. i’ll try this more to see if the effects seem connected or if it’s accidental. i didn’t stand on one foot yesterday and i think also the day before iirc, and didn’t feel as anxious the following days as on the days following standing on one foot. so maybe i’m experiencing energy that causes some anxious feeling.

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  11. Western gal Says:

    Standingon one foot, and on both feet are well known practices in oriental exercise. For your reference: Stalking Yang Lu-Chan
    By Robin Johnson
    have fun in China!