Ask Your Dentist Some Pointed Questions

This video, about mercury exposure from amalgam fillings, is all too convincing. Ugh.

5 Responses to “Ask Your Dentist Some Pointed Questions”

  1. Chip Morris Says:

    There are serious doubts about the validity of this video. See “this post”: for a good analysis of the video. Also, “QuackWatch”: has a general article on mercury amalgam fears/hoaxes.

  2. seth Says:

    Thanks, Chip, that’s helpful. As for the Quackwatch article, it’s by Stephen Barrett. My mom told me he criticized a website named Planetree that helps average people get medical research information. I suppose he felt they couldn’t be trusted with it; the details of his criticism are no longer on Quackwatch. Given that attitude, I don’t take him seriously.

    I’d guess the criticism of the video is right. But I also think the video probably makes a correct point: mercury probably does leak from your mercury amalgam fillings into your body.

  3. Alex C. Says:

    I e-mailed IAOMT to ask them about this question of mercury vapors rising vs. falling. I have quite a few amalgam fillings in my mouth, so I want to get to the bottom of this. I’ll post another comment if and when I get a response from them.

    As for Stephen Barrett, he tends to go after the easy targets. I’d have more respect for him if he exposed the pseudoscience behind more-conventional treatments that have no basis in science.

  4. seth Says:

    Thanks, Alex. Among Barrett’s many dislikes is the Weston Price Foundation.

  5. Tom Says:

    The only reason anyone listens to Stephen Barrett is because he bought a great URL.

    More really ought to be required.